Pint & Pint X (PX) Tire Guide

Pint is known for its agility. While the stock tire is good, exploring different tire options can not only refresh the way your board looks, but also refresh the way it feels when you ride. Its a major facelift for your Onewheel. Below is a complete list of all available tires for the Onewheel Pint models. Note that all Pint tires are compatible with Pint X (and vice versa).

Onewheel tire size

How to Read Onewheel Tire Dimensions

Onewheel tires are advertised with 3 sizing values indicating the dimensions of the tire. The first value is the overall height of the Onewheel tire in inches. The second value is the width of the tire tread (portion that makes contact with the ground) and lastly is the rim (hub) diameter.

All Pints have a 6″ hub therefore the last value should always be 6″. Currently the only Onewheel with a different size Hub is the GT (at 6.5″). Typically while any go-kart tire with a 6″ rim size should fit a Onewheel, you should not exceed 11″ in height as the tire may start to rub on the footpads (limited clearance within the footpads.

Pint & Pint X Slick Tires

There are currently only three alternative slick tires to the stock Future Motion slick that comes with your Onewheel. The standard Pint tire is the most “squirrely” feeling tire due to its contact width with the street (at only 4.5″). Its shoulder profile is very rounded and its made to last. Future Motion used to issue Vega tires with the Onewheel which are a medium rubber rating (IRHD of 40 / Shore rating of about 60-70). They are a little rougher compared to aftermarket tires but they should last up to 2,000 miles of floating (3,218 km) depending on the terrain.

Since then, Pint tires have been issued custom Future Motion Branded tires which do not disclose the compound or Shore rating however, the stock tire feels similar to an XR Vega. Its not the softest tire.

That being said, all aftermarket tires are striving for a quieter and softer ride. This is typically achieved by having a tire produced that is softer than the standard Pint tire. Most Onewheel manufacturers do not provide the Shore ratings however, if they are advertising soft, then anticipate the tire to last 800 to 1000 miles (1287km to 1609 km).

Slick Tire Options for the Onewheel Pint

  1. The Floatlife – Hellarad
  2. Craft&Ride – Burris Cloud Slick
  3. Burris 11″ x 5.0″ – 6
  4. Hoosier 10.5″ x 5.0-6
  5. Stock (Future Motion) 10.5″ x 4.5″-6

Hellarad Slick by The Float Life

Hellarad is a ‘hella-tight’ ride. The Float Life went with a tire that tighten up the shoulder area to ride similar to a stock XR. This is going to give a more stable ride feel for the Pint.

Tread Pattern: Slick – Smooth with small TFL logos on tire
Dimensions:11″ x 5.0″ – 6″
Durometer:Not Disclosed – Semi-soft custom
Compound:Not Disclosed – Medium /
Price Range:$99-$120
Profile:Similar to the XR Vega. Flat running base with pronounced shoulder
Vendor:The Floatlife, Craft & Ride, One Stop Board Shop

This is a superior slick tire designed for urban riders seeking the ultimate street tire. The TFL HellaRad Tire, based on their discontinued XtraRad tire, has been greatly improved in terms of ride comfort, edge control, and responsiveness.

It features a semi-soft custom durometer that delivers a dampened ride, reducing off-road chatter and road noise. Stock Pint tires are 4.5″ in width. This adds a half inch in base giving the rider over 10% more road contact. This tire is going to feel more stable and softer than the stock tire. It will help if you struggle with stability, wobbles or foot fatigue.

Pint and Pint X Hellarad tire for Onewheel
hellarad tire profile
hellarad tire size

Cloud Slick by Burris

Tread Pattern: Slick – Smooth with Burris logo on sidewall
Dimensions:11″ x 5.0″ – 6″
Durometer:Not disclosed
Compound:Not disclosed – soft
Price Range:$99-$120
Profile:rounder profile than the Hellarad
Vendor:Craft & Ride, One Stop Board Shop

The Burris Cloud tire is designed with a focus on enhancing ride comfort for Onewheel Pint users. Its softer compound and flexible sidewall technology aim to absorb more road vibrations and bumps, providing a “cloud-like” ride is what they call it. While it can handle trails, it performs on the streets.

The tire’s compound and design contribute to better grip on both dry and wet surfaces, enhancing rider safety and confidence. Made from a high-quality, durable rubber compound, the Burris Cloud tire is designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, extending the life of the tire and maintaining performance over time.

cloud tire

Burris 11″ x 5.0″ – 6

Tread Pattern: Slick – Smooth
Dimensions:11″ x 5.0″ – 6″
Durometer:58, 62, 70
Compound:SS-11, SS-22, SS-33
Price Range:$110-$120
Profile:Similar to the XR Vega. Flat running base with pronounced shoulder
Vendor:Craft & Ride

Burris is a personal favorite for me. They offer three different compounds essentially relating to soft, medium and hard rubber. This tire is going to give you a little more stability over the stock Pint tire with the option for going soft or sticking to a tougher compound that can last on the hot asphalt.

pint slick tire by Burris
burris tread pattern

Hoosier 10.5″ x 5.0-6

Hoosier discloses the compound they utilize. Their slick tire is made with a D20A compound which is used on their high-grip racing tires. This compound is known for providing excellent traction and grip on dry surfaces. The D20A compound is typically designed for use in dry conditions only. That being said however, it can still be ridden in wet condition however this rubber does not perform the best for it.

Tread Pattern: Slick – Smooth
Dimensions:11″ x 5.0″ – 6″
Durometer:42 (medium/soft)
Compound: D20A
Price Range:$95-$120
Profile:In between the standard Pint and the Hellarad – Less rounded profile than the standard tire
Vendor:Craft & Ride

The Hoosier slick is going to feel similar to the stock Pint tire in regards to its compound. The added benefit here is that the tire has a slightly wider base than the stock tire so you can achieve a little more stability on the streets.

Hoosier shoulder profile is less rounded than the standard Pint tire. The shoulder of this tire is between the Hellarad and the stock tire giving a happy medium for those who do not want to commit to a XR-style tire (almost corner-like at the shoulder).

hooiser slick
hooiser pint slick tire tread

Future Motion Slick

Tread Pattern: Slick – Smooth
Dimensions:11″ x 4.5″ – 6″
Durometer:Not Disclosed / (Medium – Hard)
Compound:Not Disclosed
Price Range:$70 – $200 (higher end if FM installs it)
Profile:Most rounded tire issued
Vendor:Future Motion

The tires issued on the Pint are Future Motion branded tires. They are extremely rounded at the shoulder and do no behave anywhere near the older XR Vega tires. The XR Vega had a very flat and wide running surface. With the Future Motion Pint tire, the tread width is only 4.5″. This is 2 total inches more narrower than the GT tread!

Its a very “carvy” tire that can turn on a dime (with experience however, all tires can turn just as well). This tire is “nimble” and does take more time to develop a command over it as balancing requires more from the rider on this tire. You purchase this tire because you want the agility and durability.

If you send your tire into Future Motion for a Tire change, currently they charge $200 with shipping included which isn’t a bad price for the tire and all the labor and shipping! The only disadvantage is if you do not want to have this tire.

onewheel pint x tire
pint tire width

Pint & Pint X Treaded Tires

Onewheels are all-terrain PEV’s. A treaded tire is a major improvement in improving your Onewheel’s all-terrain abilities. Make no mistake, Onewheels with slick tires can still ride trails very proficiently however the treaded tire is more reliable when it comes to any off-road surface.

If you are interested in trail riding, a treaded tire option will be for you. Here are the available treaded tires for the Pint and PX (Pint X):

Treaded Tire Options for the Onewheel Pint

  1. x Burris All-Terrain Treaded Tire
  2. The Float Life Enduro Tire
  3. Hoosier 10.5 x 5.0-6 Treaded Tire

X Burris All-Terrain Treaded Tire

Tread Pattern: Aggressive Tread / Bi-directional
Dimensions:11″ x 4.5″ – 6″
Durometer:Not Disclosed / Super Soft
Compound:Not Disclosed
Price Range:$120 – $140
Profile:Same as standard slick
Vendor:Craft & Ride

While the durometer / Shore score is not provided, the tire feels very similar to the Burris Trail-pro which is a similar bi-directional treaded tire that was issued for the XR platform. The main difference is the sizing and the rib in the center on the Trail-Pro. The Trail-pro is TX-33 which is a medium rubber compound (Shore 52).

This tire has aggressive treads which are ideal for trails in the forest. The tire is soft enough to reduce any chatter on asphalt. Its personally the recommended pint tire for trail riding. It maintains the Pint’s agility but gives the board some incredible bite.

pint burris tire for onewheel - treaded tire
treaded onewheel tire on the dirt

The Float Life Enduro Tire For Pint

Tread Pattern: Mild Tread / Directional
Dimensions:11″ x 5.0″ – 6″
Durometer:Not Disclosed / Semi-soft
Compound:Not Disclosed
Price Range:$120 – $140
Profile:Flatter base / More pronounced shoulder
Vendor:The Float Life

Just like an Enduro motorcycle, the Enduro Onewheel tire is made for the streets and off-road. This is a mild directional tire that is ideal for the rider who wants to build a good all-around board.

FloatLife (TFL) created a tread with sipes built into portions (patches) on the tire that function well and are aesthetically pleasing. Treading is very mild. While its a disadvantage on the trails, it will ride much quieter than a Burris or Hoosier on the streets. This tire will also be more stable due to the larger base (5″) and flatter profile.

float life enduro tire for the pint sidewall
float life enduro tire dimensions

Hoosier 10.5 x 5.0-6 Treaded Tire

Tread Pattern: Aggressive Tread / Asymmetrical
Dimensions:11″ x 5.0″ – 6″
Durometer:Not Disclosed / Hard Rubber
Price Range:$130 – $140
Profile:Flat base / tighter shoulder
Vendor:Craft & Ride, One Stop Board Shop

Hoosier has been making tires since 1957 and this tire is no exception. This tire will be a trail tire that lasts. The D30A compound feels similar to the Onewheel GT treaded tire in that its tough. This tire is made to last.

It will not perform as well as the softer Burris. It will be audible on the pavement however this tire is for the rider who wants their tire to last as long as possible. Remember, that hard rubber does get more slippery in wet conditions. For this reason, I’ve considered this tire inferior to the Enduro and Burris options.

Conclusion on Onewheel Pint Tires

Treaded tires on Onewheels are ideal for off-roading because they provide better traction and handling in loose or uneven terrain. The tread patterns of the tire create channels that help to displace loose dirt, gravel, and other debris, allowing the tire to maintain contact with the ground. Additionally, the deeper and wider tread blocks provide more surface area for the tire to grip onto, increasing traction and reducing the likelihood of the tire slipping or spinning.

The larger voids between the tread blocks also help to improve the tire’s ability to self-clean, preventing mud or other debris from accumulating in the tread and reducing the tire’s grip. That dirt however does go flying so this may be a place where you consider a fender. Overall, the design of treaded tires is optimized to provide optimal performance and grip in off-road conditions. Any of these tires with a 5″ base will feel a little more stabile than the standard Pint tire. I welcome you to try to install your own tire by checking out our tire changing guide.


Since Pint tires are go-kart sized, can I buy them from go-kart vendors?

Yes, if you have the correct dimensions, buying from a go-kart vendor may save you up to $30 dollars. Check the go-kart space for tires that offer the same size and save!

How hard is it to change a tire on the Pint

It will take 1-2 hours time. Future Motion offers the service currently for $200 which includes shipping both ways and the labor to swap the tire back to another stock Future Motion slick. If you do not want their tire, you will have to do it yourself or take it to a local Stock Life Services shop.

What is needed for a Tire swap?

First you need, hex tools, tire sealant, air compressor, and some tire lube. Theres countless videos on how to swap the tire. The main challenge is setting the bead. A tip is to use a tire strap around the tread to push the bead into the hub.

Is there a Onewheel GT Tire guide?

Onewheel GT tire guide covers both slick and treaded aftermarket tires.

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