Pint X or GT – One Year Review of the PX

So the Pint X for me has been a backup board to my CBXR and GT. Its been the go-to board for a friend that needs a board to ride or when my battery is running low on trails. This is my thoughts on where the Pint X stands and its potential for the future.

Pint X fixes the issues the Pint had. With a higher top speed and a far larger battery the Pint X is a major improvement over the original. The flagship XR Onewheel has been retired however the 324 watt hour battery from the XR has been transplanted into the Pint X resulting in great range for your ride.

Is the Onewheel Pint Platform for You?

pint X board

Are you taller than 6′? Are you over 200 lbs? Do you have larger than a size 12 US mens shoe size? If you answer yes to any of these then its quite possible that the the Pint X isn’t for you and you should spring for an XR or GT. There are absolutely riders that meet all of the above and still ride Pints however this is regarding comfort.

Surprisingly, the Pint X (PX) has a good amount of pep for being the smaller Onewheel. In a nutshell, if you are a heavier rider 200 lbs (90+ kgs) or heavier then this Onewheel is not going to be as enjoyable as the GT or a used XR. I say this because I live in New England where half the riding season is either fall or spring. Trails around this time are softer and often have a little give to them as you ride.

The challenging part of riding trails with a PX is if you are a heavier rider (such as myself that is currently 195lbs / 88kg), I find that because the tire is more narrow, it imprints the ground more-so than my GT or XR does. I sink into the trail about a 1/2″ or so. Because I often ride the GT and XR more often, I am more familiar with the larger surface area of their respective tire.

Narrow Tire on the Pint X

pint tire

This photo is from my Pint X. The tire stands at 10.5″ tall with a width of 4.5″ and has a 6″ rim (hub) diameter. The main differences between this and a GT is that the GT has an inch taller tire and a 2 inch wider base. The hub is also different on the GT (11.5″ x 6.5″ – 6.5″)

Essentially, if you are typically riding a GT, you don’t really notice the difference in height so much as you notice the tires profile.

pint tire width

My Pint is a narrow and nimble little tire which is great for just going around the streets or even sharing with lighter riders however for my heavier set build, trail riding needs more caution.

When you see a trail with roots, rocks and other objects that we want to roll over, on an XR or GT you can typically roll over an object with ease. Well, if the object is not protruding from the ground that significantly, you can roll over it with ease.

Because all of your weight is on one tire and the Pint X’s tire is more narrower, this weight is magnified and focused into a smaller surface area. Can you still trail ride on bumpy terrain? Yes, however you have to be more mindful of unloading your weight more frequently than you would on a GT or XR. Perhaps this will make you a better rider for it. You can’t cheap by just rolling over everything. The Pint X demands carving, unloading weight and staying agile.

GT and XR Tires Make a Difference

Not to belabor the tire point here, but I must. Because the PX, XR and GT all have the same 750 watt Hypercore motor, the main differences you as the rider will feel is the footpad width and tire size.

The tire is the greatest and most notable difference in the ride. In both my XR and GT, the riding base is wider as you can see. The GT is a little more of a rounded tire profile however they both offer a wider base.

I am not a rider that needs the base for stability purposes however I am emphasizing the base because it matters for weight distribution. Lighter riders will have little complaints on a PX. Often they prefer it because the smaller tire makes the board feel little more torquey.

If you ride the same board, one with a 11.5 inch tire and another with a to 10.5 inch, the torque output of the motor will increase. This is because a smaller tire will result in a lower gear ratio, which means that the motor will have to turn more revolutions to achieve the same distance traveled on the Onewheel. The drawback however is the loss in top speed and this is why the Pint and Pint X have lower top speeds.

Top Speed of the Pint X and GT

My first Onewheel was an original Pint. The main issue with it was the battery but also the top speed (16 mph). When I first purchased, I thought it was all I would ever need however it took no time at all to reach a cruising speed of 15mph. The pain of riding at 15mph on a Pint is that you constantly hit pushback and it somewhat freaks you out as a rider.

The Pint X is only 2 mph shy of the top speed of the GT. If you aren’t anticipating going faster than 15 mph (The Pint X can go up to 18 mph [29 km/h] however pushback kicks in a little sooner), then a Pint X will satisfy you. Just remember that while the difference in the reported top speeds is only a difference of 2 mph between the PX and GT, that cruising speed of 15 and 16mph sometimes may hit the pushback. It may also be a way to keep us safe!

Anyhow, when I am trail riding, I really like to push the potential and always like riding my JWXR or GT. I can and do ride my Pint X if a friend wants to try my boards out, but its not my go to board. I feel safer pushing it on trails on a JWXR or GT.

Onewheel Pint X vs GT

The Pint X is a micro version of the GT. Both have similar builds (composite footpads, bezels and similar controller box and battery enclosures. They definitely appear to be cut from the same cloth however the GT just has so much more range and power, they really are not comparable. The Pint X vs the XR would be a better comparison as they both have the same size battery.

If I had to choose between both, as of now I would still pick up a used XR because it would be more affordable, the tire performs better on trails and its a full sized board. That being said, if you are looking for the compactness then the Pint X (PX) has definitely earned its spot in the trail riding scene.

SpecsOnewheel Pint X (PX)Onewheel GT
Range12-18 mi (19-29 km)20-32 miles / 30-52km
Top Speed18 mph ( 29 kmh)20 mph / 32 km/h (advertised*)
Board Weight27 lbs (12.2 kg)35 lbs / 15.8 kg

In a quick couple sentences. The PX vs the GT is a smaller board with about 1/2 the range distance and a slightly lower top speed and weights about 8 lbs lighter. Fun factor is high when you are just messing around on the streets however for a nice trail ride, the GT takes the cake.

Onewheel Pint X vs Pint (original)

The Pint X vs the Pint really shows how far Future Motion leaped on this board. Better range, higher top speed are the most notable improvements however these are serious differences.

SpecsPintPint X (PX)
Range6-8 mi (10-13 km)12-18 mi (19-29 km)
Top Speed16 mph (26 kmh)18 mph ( 29 kmh)
Board Weight23 lbs. (10.4kg)27 lbs (12.2 kg)

As you can see, while these two Onewheel models have the same dimensions, weight is a little different and that’s mainly due to the incredibly beefy battery the Pint X is packing. The top speed is a huge improvement especially for those cruise around the top speed of the original Pint. Now pushback shouldn’t be chiming in as frequently. Future Motion claims the Pint can handle off-roading. While its not as good as the XR or the GT, they are certainly right. The Pint X can hold its own.

Pint X Flaw – Ongoing?

crimped battery leads on pint x

As of 2023. Many riders are now reporting an issue where the Pint X has randomly thrown an error. Upon further investigation, the battery terminal leads from the BMS to the battery are being pinched. In many instances, they are being crimped or severed essentially disconnecting the battery from the board. As of July 2023 it does appear that the design flaw remains an issue. It is unknown if Future Motion has revamped the housing to remediate this issue.

For those who are purchasing, this is something to be aware of. It can be fixed, however you should visit the post regarding the Pint X design flaw for more information. Buying a used board would be the concern here. I want to assume that Future Motion has redesigned the housing, but there just hasn’t been confirmation as of yet.

Who Should Buy the Pint X

The Pint X is a snappy Onewheel and has the range of the XR which is great. Its a smaller platform for riders who want an easier time carrying this board in and out of stores. It can do everything the Onewheel GT can do just not with the same top speed and shorter range.

pint x

The main difference is the feeling of the ride. Trail riding or even riding on street is very different. Coming from the GT, the shorter and more narrow platform is the most notable difference in feeling. Especially to newer riders, the GT will feel more secure at a standstill. I really do not recommend the Pint X for anyone that wants to get into trail riding that is over the weight of 190-200lbs.

The PX can handle more weight however on trails, its just not as trusting as the GT. Most accessories are available for the Pint X making it just as fun to own however if you want trail riding to be more enjoyable, go with a used XR or a GT.

David Bank

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