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Welcome to Trail Wheel, your dedicated hub for all things Onewheel and EUC outdoor sporting. Our mission is to ignite your passion for adventure and introduce you to the exhilarating world of trail riding. Join us as we explore the great outdoors in a unique and thrilling way.

[Meet David Bank] Founder & Lead Adventure Guide

David Bank is not just the founder of Trail Wheel; he’s a seasoned Onewheel rider whose journey began in 2020. With thousands of hours logged and countless trails conquered, David’s expertise isn’t just in riding, but in fostering a community of enthusiasts who share a love for this sport.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Onewheel Rider since 2020
  • Over 5,000 miles of riding experience
  • Group ride organizer and expert
  • Active member of several Onewheel groups
  • Recognized for exceptional onewheel assistance and technique coaching

We are actively seeking members to log their favorite Onewheel trails, share your board builds, or most importantly set up a group ride for your next outdoor Onewheel meetup. Whether you are new to the hobby looking to find a way to lessen stress or are a more seasoned rider, please share your experiences with us on a ride.

[Our Philosophy]

At Trail Wheel, we believe in the power of the ride to bring clarity and resilience to our minds. It’s not just about the sport; it’s about the community, the connection with nature, and the freedom of the open trail.

Onewheel / One Mind - Trail Riding For Mental Clarity and Resilience

[Get in Touch]
Ready to ride or need some expert advice? David is available for one-on-one Onewheel assistance, technique or board optimization. Connect with us at support@trailwheel.com or join our next group ride to experience the Trail Wheel difference.

At TrailWheel, we provide information on the electronic mobility movement (some may consider them PEVs). Trails provide a path to the serene nature that surrounds us. With the use of EUCs and Onewheels, we provide tips to enjoying the great outdoors without the use of gas-powered vehicles. We float through the woods causing little disturbance to nature and to others on the paths we travel alongside with. We want to share our perspective as to why this is the ideal escape from the harsh realities of life.

If you have the indoor blues, our aim is to get you outdoors and into this sport and reinvigorate your life. Take the road not taken. Its changed my life in so many ways. For inquiry contact support@trailwheel.com.

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