Onewheel Wall Art From Rails

You upgraded your rails and you still have the original stock set of Onewheel rails – what do you do? Selling them doesn’t get you much so its best to hold on to them. You never know if the aftermarket rails are something you intend to sell later on and you might need the stock rails to slap back on the board. Maybe you want to save them for a VESC project. In the meantime, perhaps you can hang them up somewhere.

onewheel rails - gt

Rails are often personal and as an 80’s baby I have a never ending nostalgia for pixel art and anything eighties so excuse the stickers on the rails.

What I wanted to do however is make an accent light for my garage without damaging the rails so that if I had to reuse them again, I could.

LED Backlit Onewheel Rail Light

I purchased an LED light strip from Amazon and simply stuck it on the back of both rails with it sneaking through the center hub openings to pass through to the next rail. Later on, I do plan on using a bolt and nut to secure the rails in place instead of a leather rope.

Onewheel rail art

This is going to be a work in progress but I definitely am loving the way a simple strip was able to repurpose my stock Onewheel rails.

Stock rails are going to collect dust in a box once you take them off. Plan on building another board or slap a light behind them and add a little art to your man cave!

David Stapleton

David Stapleton is a Onewheel Enthusiasts, avid trail rider and father of two. Beginning in 2020, David was introduced to the PEV movement and has been immersed into the Onewheel 'cult'-ure since

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