Fix a Flat Tire on a Onewheel [How-to]

Flat tires are common repairs for Onewheels. Don’t let a flat tire on your Onewheel Pint, XR or GT put a stop to your daily stoke. Avoid sending it out for service because this repair can be done inexpensively at home. To fix a flat at home will not only save you money, but it will send you time having to send it out.

The Onewheel is equipped with a tubeless go-kart size tire with tire sealant already within the tire. A simple plug kit can fix a flat tire on any model Onewheel. The repair is inexpensive and can be completed at home with basic tools in less than one hour.

Weeping Onewheel Tires – Leaking Air

Weeping tires can generally be plugged. Check with soapy water

A clear sign that your Onewheel tire is losing air is that it is weeping. This weeping is the tire sealant seeping through the rubber. Other than seeing a nail, thumbtack or a piece of glass in your tire, this should be the most obvious sign that your tire needs repair.

A rhythmic clicking from the tire is a good audible indicator that your got a tack or some object in your tire. You may be tempted to remove it – don’t! Keep the object lodged into your wheel until you have the tools to fix the flat tire. I have actually ridden 30 or so miles with a thumbtack lodged in the Vega slick tire before I repaired it. Don’t risk pulling out the nail only to be stranded mid-ride or to have a board out of commission until the parts for repair arrive.

Armor Dilloz is a essentially tire sealant with more material in it which does a better job sealing up tires. I personally do not use added any tire sealant if you just have a hole because the Onewheel already has an ample amount inside. This is needed more-so when you do a tire swap.

Tire sealant is a must when you replace the tire but there’s adequate sealant from Future Motion if you just repair the tire.

How to Plug a Onewheel Tire – [Fix a Flat]

  1. Pick up a basic tire plug kit
  2. Add air to the tire and use the soapy water to find bubbles / leaks.
  3. Remove the object from the tire with the pliers.
  4. Use the T-bar repeatedly in and out of the hole to widen and roughen the rubber around the edges of the hole.
  5. Cut half of a plug strip and loop it through the T-Bar with a loop.
  6. Apply rubber cement to the plug.
  7. Push the plug through the hole and come back out about half way.
  8. Trim the excess with wire cutters
  9. Let it dry for 30 minutes
  10. Ride on

Material and Tools Needed

  • Tire Plug Kit
  • Pliers (preferably needle-nose)
  • Wire cutters (dikes)
  • Razor Blade
  • 5 Gallon bucket or Spray bottle filled with soap water

After you plug your tire, it may seem that it is uneven. This may be more noticeable on a slick tire like the stock Vega tire. After 20 miles or so it will smoothen out and the plug isn’t even noticeable (ride-wise and visibly). The trick to a good Onewheel tire repair is to take a razor blade and really trim away any excess plug. If you don’t get all of the excess, don’t worry because it will wear off eventually on your rides.

Onewheel Tire Lifespan

The lifespan of a Onewheel tire is going to vary on what terrain you ride. Generally however, in about 800-1200 miles, a tire replacement will likely be needed. Riding on hot asphalt will render a lower end tire lifespan.

Worn Onewheel Tire Beyond Repair – When replacement is needed

Future Motion actually offers a very affordable option. Currently for $99, they will replace your tire and ship it back. This is why its entirely important you keep the packaging of your Onewheel. They will however only offer you the stock tire but if you do not want to do any work, this is the easiest option by far.

Options for Onewheel Tire Replacement

If the tire’s hole is not capable of being plugged. There are three options for replacing your Onewheel’s tire. The least expensive way would be to send your complete Onewheel board to Future Motion for a tire change. They offer only a stock tire however their replacement price is reasonable.

Aftermarket tires vary in cost from $80 to $140 or so. While it is technically less expensive than sending it to Future Motion, the price difference is so close. Considering your time, Future Motion’s option is a better deal. However, if you want a custom tire, this is the best option.

If you are not feeling up to the task of replacing your tire but you do want a custom tire, you can always visit a Stoke Life Services Repair Shop where they can take care of you at a reasonable price. I personally do recommend replacing the tire yourself. Whether you repair it yourself or bring it to a repair shop, check out our post for recommended aftermarket tires.

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