Varials Rail System – Will We See it For GT?

The Varials for the XR had a relatively short shelf life. In March of 2022, they made their debut in the Onewheel scene with an amazing theatrical commercial featuring Bodhi Harrison and Jeff McCosker. The Varials have a unique take on the Onewheel’s rail system as their one-of-a-kind modular design allows riders to revamp their board’s feel within minutes.

MODULAR ONEWHEEL RAILS!? | Introducing Varials by The Float Life

The Varials were not the only adjustable rail system that hit the market at that time. Shortly before Varials, the Switchblades (by Tech Rails) where launched. They had a different approach to adjusting the Onewheel by allowing riders the ability to adjust the pitch of the footpads and offering options for ride height. This product isn’t modular like the Varials however it has more ability to modify the Onewheel.

floatlife badging on varials
switchblades design

Both the Varials and Switchblades are aesthetically amazing. The concept that both rail systems have addresses riders’ needs. Onewheel riders want to adjust their rails quickly without having to do a complete rail swap. What’s happened to both Varials and the Switchblades? XR is phased out but is that it? Is that the reason you do not publicly see these adjustable Onewheel rails for sale anymore?

Will Varials Be Available For the GT?

I have no inside knowledge so full disclosure, this is all wild speculation. For the XR, the only Varials currently available are what’s left in stock. Based on the buzz within the Online communities, it doesnt sound like more Varials will be made for the XR. Jeff has stated that they are focusing on other things. Could this be the Varials for the GT? Who knows!

varials for xr

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware that the XR models are no longer being produced by Future Motion. From a business standpoint, I can see why it would of little to no interest for TheFloatLife to run another production for these rails. Perhaps they will do another drop in the future but its pretty shocking to see that even with all the VESC builders and riders holding onto older XR’s, companies still do not want to focus on XR based rails (especially if they have had prior production runs). Its also to be noted that TheFloatLife still sells standard WTF’s for the XR so what gives?

Could there be some patent troll that’s out there preventing companies from making or selling adjustable / modular rails? I personally think this may be likely. It just seems strange that Switchblades are also made for Pints and they are never listed on their website.

Perhaps that’s reading too far into things but to me it appears that there is something preventing adjustable rails from being sold for Onewheels and that’s why I won’t hold my breath to see a Varial be available for Onewheel GT.

Now, I’m sure some will argue that adjustable / modular rails are just not that in demand. But let’s look at all the accessories available that just adjust ride heights. There are countless hub accessories being fitted into the rails to adjust ride height to meet the demand for riders. Recently, Land-Surf made a variable system (VRH – Variable Ride Height system) to address the happy medium (easier way to adjust height). Several products are made just to address ride height. Where’s the adjustable rail settings? Why are there no new rail manufacturers focusing on this? It just seems like there’s some roadblock in my opinion.

This is an anecdotal observation however, when used Varials hit the market, they still render good money. They get the original cost and sometimes even more! It makes no sense (to me) why there not being sold by The Float Life today.

Could it just be that riders want fixed rails because they typically learn and stay within one setting? Perhaps adjustable rails are not as desirable as I want to believe they are. I can understand that manufacturing adjustable rails can be costly. I’m just complaining because I’d like to see some adjustable rails for the GT – especially Varials.

Varials Elegant Rail Design for the XR

varials are milled out

The beauty of these rails in my opinion is the smooth / flat exterior and how they interlock with a tapered dovetail joint. Its almost seamless (as seamless as you can get). There is some milling (pocketing) on the back side to keep these rails lightweight.

There are some that don’t like modular rails because they claim are not as strong as a straight rail however I have yet to see anyone smash through a pair of Varials. The Switchblades are just as amazing (they are just a tad beefier).

lift and lower steez

The Varials Full Steez came with quarter panels and four center pieces (Standard, Lift/Lower, FAF, and WTF). What a perfect, no hassle way to get the feel of a different board within minutes. Having the standard center piece in lets you ride a stock XR rail feel. Quickly swap to the Lift/Lower (Hi / Lo) center piece and now your riding an elevated or dropped board (+/- 0.25 in).

The desirability of these rails come with the ability to place FAF or WTF centers into the rail system. FAF is built for downhill racing (stands for Fast As F***). They have a subtle dropped pitch in the front which makes you ride with a dipped nose. These rails however are made to ride pushback. Riding pushback will level out the ride and ensure you are straight and Fast as F’. The tail has a steep kick to it which gives clearance for heading downhill or clearing objects on the trails.

FAF and WTFs
wtf center

WTF center rail sections do differ from the original Homebrew WTF’s. These center pieces are more curved but they attempt to ride exactly like the original WTF Homebrew Rails. This center piece lowers your ride while providing a mellow pitch to the nose and tail of the board.

floatlife badging on varials

The anodizing on the brushed aluminum is a hit. The Float Life badging on the quarter panels simply rocks. It’s truly a shame these still aren’t being sold. I truly hope that the GT will see Varials but something just feels like it won’t happen. Again, I hope I’m totally wrong because having this Modular set on a GT would be epic.

Varials Hitting the Mark Yet Stuck in the Mud

Truly, the Varials and Switchblades are my favorite aftermarket rails for the Onewheel. The concept of customizing the ride specific to the rider is excellent in my opinion. There definitely seems to be some controlling factor that is preventing either one of these rails for the Onewheel GT. We are at the point now where theFloatLife has WTF’s, Steep and Deeps and Low Riders as varied versions of the WTF rails. How about making that all into one rail system for the Onewheel GT like the Varials system!

I love what theFloatLife is doing and I don’t believe they are making several versions of the WTF homebrew rail system from a sheer capitalistic mindset. Something (likely a patent issue) appears to be setting them back. Lets hope they can provide some insight as to why the Varials are not made for Onewheel GT.

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