Top Onewheel Mileage Riders – Summer 2023

It’s truly awe-inspiring to witness riders accumulate such impressive distances on their Onewheels. With Onewheel continuously introducing new models over the years, it’s regrettable that riders who started with XR, Plus, or V1 models can’t seamlessly transfer their hard-earned mileage to the latest GT model. Nevertheless, one thing remains certain – the mileage you see represents the dedication and experience of a rider who has spent countless miles mastering their board (at least within that model).

With Labor Day passing and making for the unofficial end to the Summer, its time to check in on the total mileage stats for the Onewheel Leaderboard.

onewheel gt with wtf rails with a wrap

Top 10 Onewheel GT Riders as of September 2023

Grant Brown13,183 mi / 21,218 kmUS
CirrusBridge [R2R]10,436 mi / 16,795 kmUS
quicksand8,861 mi / 14,260 kmUS
👊FranKtheTanK💀8,760 mi / 14,098 kmUS
Riley Storm7,748 mi / 12,469 kmUS
sołôfløat 4°7,437 mi / 11,969 kmUS
Racein mason🏂7,406 mi / 11,919 kmUS
BreeGT_Queen7,164 mi / 11,529 kmUS
HanahsDax15456,149 mi / 9,896 kmUS
HoleInOnewheel ⛳️6,146 mi / 9,891 kmUS

Total Top 10 GT Mileage = 83,290 mi / 134,042 km

Top 10 Onewheel XR Riders as of September 2023

OneWheelWing37,536 mi / 60,408 kmUS
Mexican hoon cartel28,346 mi / 45,618 kmAU
fuser26,721 mi / 43,003 kmUS
Y🌎NHN🅰️Frisco⭐️TX26,040 mi / 41,907 kmPE
ItsAFiestaXR808➖⚫️➖23,081 mi / 37,145 kmUS
Jaden TFK SPFF21,672 mi / 34,878 kmUS
Roadboarding Gerard19,913 mi / 32,047 kmSP
VINCEVAUGHN ➖🔘➖19,315 mi / 31,084 kmNE
CaptianBuddy18,141 mi / 29,195 kmUS
🌊🏄JHurst^MARYLAND17,316 mi / 27,867 kmUS

Total Top 10 XR Mileage = 238,081 mi / 383154 km

Top 10 Onewheel Pint Riders as of September 2023

MegaChron13,692 mi / 22,035 kmUS
JETTRAMOS13,629 mi / 21,934 kmUS
ChooChooTrain12,890 mi / 20,744 kmUS
Kirbymcflurby10,799 mi / 17,379 kmUS
joycie9,022 mi / 14,519 kmUS
Dillondj8,987 mi / 14,463 kmUS
TR➖⭕️➖N VnR/Quart8,594 mi / 13,381 kmUS
trappedinanelevator8,239 mi / 13,259 kmUK
Dowser107,631 mi / 12,281 kmUS
Stonershred7,531 mi / 12,120 kmUS

Total Top 10 Pint Mileage = 101,014 mi / 162566 km

Top 10 Onewheel Pint X Riders as of September 2023

Ryan the dude5,826 mi / 9,376 kmUS
Samskateman5,353 mi / 8,615 kmUK
SoulDagger (Lou)5,321 mi / 8,563 kmUS
PintQueenDC (DMV)5,275 mi / 8,489 kmUS
wonjino5,121 mi / 8,241 kmUS
KALM5,081 mi / 8,177 kmUS
The Davidnator4,729 mi / 7,611 kmUS
Kódl McFly4,304 mi / 6,927 kmCZ
GrowlerFanaticRIPx4,264 mi / 6,862 kmUS
Kulikopf4,234 mi / 6,811 kmUS

Total Top 10 Pint X (PX) Mileage = 49,508 mi / 79675 km

Top 10 Onewheel Plus (+) Riders as of September 2023

🇨🇵 TiY–N➖🌍➖13,919 mi / 22,400 kmFR
S.Leon 🌿Lake Erie12,083 mi / 19,446 kmUS
👊FranKtheTanK💀10,252 mi / 16,499 kmUS
Jeffrey Gerred9,123 mi / 14,682 kmUS
801WHEEL sTōker Jōnz8,357 mi / 13,449 kmUS
grshelton17,570 mi / 12,183 kmUS
l4rzzz7,523 mi / 12,107 kmCA
Hester 218🤙🤙7,399 mi / 11,908 kmUS
ngecko6,950 mi / 11,185 kmUS
loyal.66666,606 mi / 10,631 kmCL

Total Top 10 Plus (+) Mileage = 89,782 mi / 144,490 km

Top 10 Onewheel Original (V1) Riders as of September 2023

S.Leon 🌿Lake Erie10,927 mi / 17,585 kmUS
Maksimmmmm8,706 mi / 14,011 kmUA
RodneyCat8,631 mi / 13,890 kmUK
PowerWheel50007,449 mi / 11,988 kmUS
👊FranKtheTanK💀6,703 mi / 10,787 kmUS
Andre Danforth5,431 mi / 8,740 kmAU
kevinharpertime5,213 mi / 8,389 kmUS
hadfid5,090 mi / 8,192 kmFR
chase4,873 mi / 7,842 kmCA
Luckystrip0074,606 mi / 7,413 kmUS

Total Top 10 Onewheel (V1) Mileage = 67,629 mi / 108838 km

Top Mileage Rider by Onewheel Model

The top recorded rider remains to be OneWheelWing (Javier Starks) whose been dominating the XR mileage leaderboard for quite sometime now. He is approaching 38,000 miles which rivals mileage on a used car. Undoubtably in certain areas, the Onewheel makes for a great PEV and likely has replaced their car as means of transportation. Here’s the top mileage riders by model

Onewheel NicknameMilesModel
OnewheelWing 37,536 mi / 60,408 kmXR
MegaChron13,692 mi / 22,035 kmPint
Grant Brown13,183 mi / 21,218 kmGT
🇨🇵 TiY–N➖🌍➖13,919 mi / 22,400 kmPlus
S.Leon 🌿Lake Erie10,927 mi / 17,585 kmV1
Ryan the dude5,826 mi / 9,376 kmPX

The top 10 riders (based on mileage) comprise 629,629 mi (1,012,767 km) in total miles recorded on a Onewheel. The entire community of riders is approaching 2,000,000 miles and is expected to reach that record soon. From these 10 riders alone, they essentially account for a third of the total miles recorded on Onewheels. Hats off to these riders because it is clear they take their riding to a whole other level.

Multiple Leaderboard Mentions

We have to acknowledge S.Leon 🌿Lake Erie, and especially 👊FranKtheTanK💀 who has his place on the V1, Plus and GT leaderboards. 👊FranKtheTanK💀 has a total of 25,715 miles spread across the three models placing him within the top 5 riders for total mileage.

top 10 riders on one.wheel


We can anticipate the next review of the mileage to see some growth in the GT and Pint X lines as they are still relatively new to the Onewheel space (relative to the other models). The XR is still a very active leaderboard. For the V1 and Plus models, lets check in next season and that board has taken shape. As of now United States is the exclusive country for the GT leaderboard. Will we see other countries join that board like the XR and Plus boards? Check back at the end of Fall and lets compare!

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