Sideways hoverboard? Talking about Onewheel?

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You see hoverboards around town but what are the ones that go sideways. These my friend are called Onewheels. Sure there are different brands but I assure you they are far inferior in how they balance, the quality of build, the range they can travel and the potential terrain they can cover.

Hoverboards and One wheels are related in that they both use accelerometers and gyroscopes to balance the rider. These (along with electric unicycles) are called self-balancing devices, self balancing electric skateboards, or self-balancing PEV’s. hoverboards and EUC’s travel in a front to back movement whereas Onewheels travel in a sideways movement.

What is a Onewheel and why is it not a hoverboard?

onewheels are not hoverboards

So the hoverboard vs Onewheel. The Onewheel is like a unique and innovative hoverboard that is changing the way people think about electric skateboards and about hoverboards in matter of fact. Check out our post on the differences between a hoverboard and onewheel if you don’t know the differences between the two.

Unlike traditional hoverboards that have two wheels, the Onewheel has a large single go-kart sized wheel in the center. They ride in a perpendicular straight wheel direction to the rider’s orientation. This design and concept has been brought to market by the Future Motion company from Santa Cruz, California. The self balancing technology in a hoverboard is similar but its not exactly the same technology. Think of the Onewheel as a hoverboard with big wheels. Well one big wheel.

The one wheel truly offers a unique way to travel feels futuristic and sci-fi-like. It’s something that is affordable and you’ve ever experienced before (assuming you have already ridden a onewheel). If you’re looking for the best single wheel hoverboard, the Onewheel is definitely worth considering. Yes, it rides sideways but this is the best part about it. You feel like a land surfer or a land snowboarder.

Why are Onewheels are safer than hoverboards?

One of the key features of the Onewheel is its massive rubber tire. This tire provide a secure grip and ensure stability when riding, even on rough terrain. This is why a onewheel is safer than a hoverboard. The large tire clears many obstacles that a hoverboard cannot. It also offers a little suspension.

Onewheels generally are faster boards (typically topping out at about 20 mph) but overall they remain relatively lower in accidents in comparison to a traditional hoverboard. Hoverboards actually are more accident-prone due to the inability to overcome small obstacles. Even small sidewalk cracks or a stone on the asphalt can send the rider down. The onewheel’s large battery and 750watt motor allocate enough torque for small cracks and divots in the road or sidewalks.

The Onewheel is also a self-balancing hoverboard, which means that it automatically adjusts to keep you upright and stable. Neither one requiring a remote to operate. It may look daunting to ride but Onewheels are unassumingly easy to ride.

Why Onewheels are better than a hoverboards?

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One of the standout features of the Onewheel is its off-roading capabilities. With its rugged design and massive battery capacities (higher end models can carry a rider up to 36 miles), the Onewheel is capable of handling all types of terrain, from smooth pavement to rough dirt roads. Whether you want to take it on an ambitious trail miles and miles long or if you just want to be out for a leisurely ride, the Onewheel delivers a riding experience like no other. Check what else is available for off-road PEV’s if Onewheel isn’t for you.

Heres a quick list of why Onewheels are simply better than hoverboards:

  • They can keep up with bicyclist. If your child is riding a bike, you can keep up with them on a Onewheel or vice versa.
  • They can travel on most hiking, mountain biking, outdoor trails. Go and explore the outdoors where a regular hoverboard cannot take you.
  • The mileage compared to hoverboards is no comparison. Onewheels on the higher end can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. They essentially are alternative commuting vehicles.
  • Headlights and taillights. All one wheels are equipped with both. These offer good visibility to others on the trails and roads.
  • Float effect. Because of the large go-kart pneumatic tire, the Onewheel feels like you are on a cloud. Many riders call it floating. While its not really floating, the ride is often very quiet and very smooth.
  • Fun Factor. The enjoyment you get from riding these outdoors is ineffable. If you have’t tried it, its a new experience you just need to try. Give one a chance for 10 miles and you wont regret it.

Types of Onewheel Hoverboards

Future Motion offers three different types of Onewheel “hoverboards”. You can think of them as small, small with bigger battery and large. Their medium sized board (which is close to the side of their large board) is no longer made (The Onewheel XR). You can still find them used however currently Pint, Pint X and GT are the boards available. Lets quickly review the three available Onewheel hoverboards:

The Pint – The gateway into Onewheel

The Pint is the entry level one wheel “hoverboard” (technically not hoverboards) That currently cost $1,050. They are the baseline model offering the shortest range and lowest top speed (16mph). They are not the best single wheeled boards to take off-roading however it can be done. I say this because their range is too limiting. With only 6-8 miles (10-13km), you’d be surprised how limiting of a trip you can make on a trail especially considering you have to make it back.

Range anxiety is a real issue. This is when riders get nervous they’ll be stranded in the woods with no more power. The One wheel Pint can handle off-roading but again, its ill-advised solely due to the range.

Pint X – The little Onewheel board that could

Pint X (sometimes referred to as PX) are the same size as the original Pint with only two main exceptions. Yes digital shaping is a little different on this board compared to the Pint but what it all boils down to is that this board is slightly faster (18 mph / 29 km/h) and has an improved range (12-18 mi / 19-29 km).

See, what Future Motion did is that they decommissioned their prior flagship Onewheel (the Onewheel XR) and stuffed that battery into a Pint-sized board. Now the range of an XR is available in a Pint. Many still prefer an XR due to the size of the board being slightly larger however Pint X can still handle riders weighing up to 250lbs (113kg). Pints and GT also have a battery power indicator to easily let know riders when they have maximum range or when they are running out.

This Onewheel can handle the trails and can be carried into a store or on a subway easier than the XR or GT. Weighing 27 lbs, it comes with a mag-handle on the side of the board allowing for easy lifting. This board is ideal for an on-the-go city person who is in and out of shops and stores. They often call the Pint and Pint X “nimble” because their tires are smaller than the larger XR and GT which makes it fun for stunting around or practicing some tricks on pavement. The price of the board currently starts at $1,400.

GT – Future Motion’s current flagship board

The GT is the heavy weight. It adds a whopping 8 lbs onto the Pint X for a total of 35lbs (15.8 kg). This is the board that offers maximum speed. At 20mph (32 km/h) and offering 20-32 miles of range (30-52km), this Onewheel will take you so far on a single battery charge.

Future Motion keeps the mag-handle on this board. Its not as easy to carry due to the weight but hopefully if you get this board you’re doing little carrying. This One wheel “hoverboard” is made for long rides. It does offer a slightly higher weight capacity. The recommended weight limit is 275lbs for Onewheel GT.


Hoverboards are just for the home. The sideways hoverboard (A.K.A. Onewheel) is a commuting device. They are true PEV’s as they double as modes of transportation. Overall, the Onewheel is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and user-friendly “hoverboard”. Future Motion has built a great Onewheel community that has a massive following and the community is constantly growing. Their app makes group rides easy. Getting into group rides is a unique experience where riders share the Onewheel love.

This electric skateboard is not the fastest board on the market. Its not the one with the largest range however it is a board that can take you more places than any other on the market. It is also the one that provides for a smooth ride (often referred by riders as floating).

For anyone who loves riding and wants to experience the outdoors more, Onewheels are durable and high-quality “hoverboards” that can deliver a fantastic riding experience. With its great build quality, user-friendly design, and range of features, the Onewheel is definitely worth the money. So, if you’re looking for a great hoverboard that will provide you with endless hours of fun and excitement, the Onewheel is the perfect choice. Just call it a Onewheel instead of a hoverboard (definitely don’t call it a self balancing scooter)!


What are the different types of Hoverboards?

Technically a two-wheeled device that is self-balancing is the only device that is a hoverboard. The single-wheeled self balancing board is a Onewheel. The single wheeled self balancing unicycle is an EUC (electric unicycle).

What is a board with a wheel in the middle called?

This is a Onewheel.

Is the Onewheel worth it?

They are not worth it unless you are looking to get into a hobby. Compared to other e-skateboards, the onewheel offers a unique ride experience that takes you literally anywhere. In that regard, they are totally worth it. Check our breakdown on the Onewheel models.

Is Onewheel a hoverboard

While many people generalize the two devices into one, the answer is no. See our post on Onewheels are not hoverboards.

What is the Onewheel hoverboard called?

Its called a Onewheel, self-balancing electric transportation device, a PEV, a One wheel. Any of those names identify specifically the Onewheel. E-skateboards or electronic skateboards refer to four wheeled boards.

What age is Onewheel for?

There is no intended age for the Onewheel. Future Motion does recommend a minimum age of 13 years. There are riders who are over 70 and still ride.

Did Onewheel start on Kickstarter?


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