Onewheel Top (Max) Speed Chart Comparison by Model

max speed

Top Speeds advertised by self-balancing electric vehicle companies. Please note that advertised speeds typically refer to the speed before pushback occurs.

ModelReported Top Speed (Before Pushback)
V112mph / 19 km/h
Plus19 mph / 30 km/h
Pint16 mph / 26 km/h
Pint X18 mph / 29 km/h
XR19 mph / 30 km/h
GT20 mph / 32 km/h 
GT S-Series25 mph / 40 km/h
Floatwheel ADV22 mph / 35 km/h 
Floatwheel ADV Pro22 mph / 35 km/h 
Magwheel Trotter T1 (700)13 mph / 21 km/h
Magwheel Trotter T2 (1000)16 mph / 26 km/h
Magwheel Trotter T3 (1500)21.5mph / 34.6 km/h

Fastest Advertised Self-Balancing Electric Board

As of the summer of 2023, the Floatwheel ADV is the fastest advertised single wheeled electric board (outperforming the Onewheel GT). This is the advertised (safe) speed that is obtainable before the Pushback safety feature is employed.

There are ways to alter pushback, change the way it feels (use of re-wheel) and or utilize aftermarket rails however all of this is done at the safety of the rider. There are riders who have recorded over 30mph on a Onewheel GT. While the Magwheel Trotter does have the largest motor (1500 watt) and the highest max speed, you need to be aware that it is likely feasible that Onewheels can hit similar speeds. While their motor is not as powerful, the ride quality, intuitive feel is not even comparable unless we consider the Floatwheel ADV.

Floatwheel ADV – Fastest Single Wheeled Electric Board

If you have been wanting a VESC board but could not afford converting an XR into one, the Floatwheel ADV and ADV Pro are VESC-in-a-box. This is board that will compete and outperform the Onewheel brand. That being said however, Onewheels are ready-made out of the box.

floatwheel adv and adv pro boards

PEV Enthusiast can have far more fun however customizing the performance of their Floatwheel with VESC software. Floatwheel operates on VESC software which is open-source. For the tinkerer in mind, this board is for you.

Single-Wheel Electric Board Shootout

There is more to these float machines than their top speed. If you are seeking ready made and an intuitive feel out-of-the-box experience, then the Onewheel GT has the speed and the feeling you need. If you are seeking speed and the ability to customize and tweak the settings of your board then the Floatwheel ADV or ADV Pro are for you. Trotters in my opinion are too troublesome to mount and to ride on trails that I would skip them entirely, even if they have a great price and a higher top speed.

If top speeds is all that you seek, work on reducing the board’s payload. Get some aftermarket rails such as Homebrew WTF’s, Mustache Rails which help ride pushback making it easy to also push beyond pushback. Of course I would not recommend exceeding pushback but daredevils do what daredevils do.


How fast does a onewheel XR go?

Onewheel XR hits 19 mph / 30 km/h before pushback. Many riders are able to ride into the 20’s mph however anything beyond pushback is unsafe.

How fast does a Onewheel go?

Depending on model, Onewheels can go from 12 to 20 mph (19 to 32 km/h) before hitting back. Off-brand ‘one wheel boards’ such as the Floatwheel and Trotter have reported higher speeds.

Can you exceed the reported Max speed of a Onewheel?

Pushback is a safety feature when the board has peaked its allowable reported output. Pushback is actually not speed related but power output related. Pushback will be initiated on a low battery board going up hill far sooner than a level board. At any point, it is feasible to exceed pushback allowing you to exceed reported max/top speeds however you run the risk of nose diving.

What products will help break top speed records?

A lighter rider will always have the advantage however custom rails, firmware modification (Rewheel), a fully charged battery, smooth terrain, will all help ride beyond pushback.

What is the fastest Onewheel?

Onewheel GT is faster than all other Future Motion products.

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