Make a Onewheel Stand on a Budget

One thing about the Onewheel is that it really needs a stand to be secured in your home. Future Motion charges nearly $100 for their Deep Shack Rack for Onewheel. In about 30 minutes, you can make a decent looking stand for about $15 in PCV parts and maybe some wiring or roping for decoration. Here is what you will need for the build:

  • 1 – 10 foot section of 3/4″ PCV
  • 8 – 3/4″ PVC elbow joints
  • 4 – 3/4″ PVC Tee fitting connector
  • PVC Glue
  • Optional – Old computer wiring
onewheel PVC stand

After seeing a couple PVC stands, I decided to build a couple for myself. They do the trick. They can even look better with some rubberized paint on them. Perhaps I will show that in another post. These are really quick to churn out and they really come out looking pretty decent for the money spent.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Onewheel 3/4″ PVC Stand

  1. Cutting the parts up to size.

    Cut the 10′ 3/4″ section into the following sections:
    – 1 piece cut at 9.5″
    – 2 pieces cut at 6″
    – 3 pieces cut at 5.5″
    – 2 pieces cut at 5″
    – 4 pieces cut at 2″
    – 2 pieces cut at 1.5″
    pvc cut list for one.wheel stand

  2. Building the front of the stand

    Take the a 5.5″ piece and add two elbows to it. Make sure the elbows point in the same direction. (We will glue it all after we dry fit it the entire build)
    5.5" with elbows PVC

  3. Building the front base portion of the stand

    Stuff two 1.5″ pieces into the elbows and connect another set of 3/4″ elbows onto the 1.5″ pieces that face upwardsfront of the stand

  4. Base build of the stand

    Take two 5″ pieces and put them into the open elbows. Place two tees on the other end of the 5″ sections. Make sure the open ends are facing upwards as seen in the image below.base of the pvc one.wheel stand

  5. Completing the base of the stand

    Add two 5.5″ pieces into the ends of the stand that run parallel with the other 5″ pieces.
    building one.wheel base stand

  6. Building up the back of the base

    Take one Tee and place 1.5″ sections into both ends. Then add two elbows onto both ends. Make sure the open end of the Tee faces upwards (should be at an angle towards the center of the stand).
    base complete

  7. Building up the board’s rest area

    Take two 6″ pieces and place them into the two middle Tee sections. Place the one 9.5″ section in the rear Tee.
    board rest stand

  8. Completing the board rest

    Place two 1.5″ PVC pieces into the top elbows and place a Tee on top of the 9″ piece. Find where they can connect and secure them into placerest complete onewheel

  9. Completing the Onewheel Stand – Gluing

    Once the stand is complete, detach all the joints and apply a little PVC glue.
    onewheel stand complete

  10. Optional wire wrapping.

    Use some old networking wiring or scrap cords and wrap and glue it around the front of the stand. This will help keep the board in place (grip tape will bite into the wiring).
    onewheel stand completed

I decided to wrap the back portion of the stand with telephone wiring. At the time, I was removing telephone wiring from my house. Who has telephone wire these days? Anyway, I thought it would look somewhat decent as an accent to my stand. Rather than throwing the wiring out, I think it came out ok. I wish I had painted it prior to wrapping it. Anyhow, I will show this in another post.

You don’t have to be so intense with the measurements. PVC has a little give and the fittings shroud a lot of the cuts. Don’t let that Onewheel lay around the floor. If you got 30 minutes of time, you can make her a little home,

David Bank

David Bank - Onewheel Enthusiast and has been an avid Onewheel rider since 2020. With thousands of miles logged on various Onewheel models and builds, David has a deep understanding of the mechanics, safety protocols, and the joy of Onewheel riding. He has been featured in Onewheel community events and has contributed articles to leading Onewheel forums and PEV communities. David also runs a YouTube channel where he shares tips, reviews, and tutorials related to Onewheel.

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