Haptic Buzz on a Onewheel Makes the Board Safer

Onewheel riding, despite its magical float feel is still grounded by the laws of physics. In the realm of this thrilling single-wheeled experience, understanding the limits of the board is paramount for every rider’s safety. To further augment this understanding, Future Motion has introduced ‘Haptic Buzz‘.

What is Haptic Buzz?

The Haptic Buzz is a “multi-modal” safety feature that engages both your sense of touch and hearing. Utilizing haptic technology, a method commonly found in the automotive and aviation industries, this feature provides riders with tactile and audible feedback. It is a sound that is not generated by a speaker but by vibrations from the hub motor.

Onewheel Haptic Buzz | Onewheel Safety Feature

When You’ll Experience the Haptic Buzz:

You’ll experience Haptic Buzz in three scenarios: High Speed, High Torque or Low battery/Error scenerios.

High-Speed Situations:

When you approach the maximum speed in your chosen digital shaping setting, you’ll feel a pulse-like vibration. If you persist despite this warning, the pulse intensifies into a solid state, indicating the need to slow down.

High Torque Situations:

Going uphill or accelerating abruptly can demand maximum torque from your one-wheel. In such scenarios, the Haptic Buzz will alert you, ensuring you’re aware of the heightened power exertion.

Low Battery or Error Conditions:

If your one-wheel is running low on battery or encounters an error, a distinctive double buzz will emanate. This signal prompts you to lean back, decelerate, and dismount to ensure your safety.=

Turning Off Haptic Buzz

While the Haptic Buzz is a default safety feature, if you are an experienced rider, you’ll probably want to shut this feature off. You never want to ignore Haptic Buzz or Pushback but if you are a long time rider, I can see how this can be a nuisance. To appease the CPSC and the notice issued out on Onewheels, Future Motion isn’t allowing this feature to be turned off unless you have completed a mileage minium and you are an ORL (Onewheel Racing League) member. While it is acknowledged that ignoring pushback or haptic buzz warnings can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities, everyday riders should have been given the option to disable it even after acknowledging several warning within the app. Who knows though, perhaps that may come out or maybe there will be a work around soon.
According to Future Motion, the requirement hasn’t been finalized as of yet. Hopefully, it could be something like a 1000 mile minimum to disable /shut off Haptic Buzz on GT, Pint X or Pint.

Which Models Area Available

Haptic buzz is available on Pint, Pint X, GT and XR. If you own one of these models, you may be affected by Future Motion’s Firmware recall. Check their page so that you can have this feature added to your Onewheel.

Future Motion mentioned once they have worked things out with the CPSC that Custom Shaping would be released. Now that this firmware recall is available, we now have Custom shaping 3.0!

My Thoughts on Haptic Buzz

The Haptic Buzz is another step in the right direction. Its another safety feature. I will say that Future Motion should have this haptic be heard through the headphones and or the phone so that the phone could also vibrate in your pocket. In the event that riders have headphones on it would be a good option to have however I can see that they would in a way be supporting riding with headphones which probably isn’t the best stance to take as a company. I would like to be able to hear the feature through the headphones though or at the very least, get a haptic response from the phone as well.

Enhancing communication between the rider and the board is what we as a community need for it to grow and let new riders know that these are safer than ever. Last year I modified something very similar so that my phone also gives me haptics allowing me to reach top speeds and it does help.

This new addition not only adds value to the riding experience but also shows the Onewheel community is moving in the right direction. Future Motion has been back and forth with the CPSC to find a decent middle ground (opposed to a total recall or ban). So, for every Onewheel rider out there, we should embrace this innovation. For those seeking this additional safety measures, respect the signals your board gives you, and above all, ride safely and enjoy the trails.

David Bank

David Bank - Onewheel Enthusiast and has been an avid Onewheel rider since 2020. With thousands of miles logged on various Onewheel models and builds, David has a deep understanding of the mechanics, safety protocols, and the joy of Onewheel riding. He has been featured in Onewheel community events and has contributed articles to leading Onewheel forums and PEV communities. David also runs a YouTube channel where he shares tips, reviews, and tutorials related to Onewheel.

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