How to Hide an AirTag or Smart Tag in a Onewheel GT

The best way to track your Onewheel is to have an Apple Airtag or a Samsung SmartTag hidden within your Onewheel GT somewhere. While the goal is to hide these trackers within the board, the tracker should be accessible enough to replace the battery within the year.

The best place to hide and properly secure an AirTag or Smart Tag within a Onewheel GT, Pint or even XR is between the bumper and front control box. Either cutting a portion of the bumper to allow the AirTag to fit within the bumper or securing it alongside the controller wires ensures its security and ease of access.

Making a Free Airtag Holder for Onewheel GT – Hack

This is a simple hack where we cut out part of the bumper to install an air tag. The tools are minimal and you do not necessarily need a rotary tool (Dremel) or pliers. Note: Bumpers are a wearable Onewheel part, so do not feel so uncomfortable with this modification. Here is the tool list:

  • Razor blade
  • Duct tape (or electrical tape)
  • Torx Plus bit for the GT Bumper (TP25 – Torx Plus 25IP)
  • Optional: needle nose pliers, dikes, and Dremel

Remember, when you install the AirTag, it’s important to have it installed in a place that you can easily access. AirTag batteries typically only last a year so you want to be able to get access to it fairly easier. The batteries used are CR2032 which are cheap and easy to get on Amazon or at the local pharmacy.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Modifying the GT Bumper for an Airtag or Samsung Smart Tag.

  1. Remove front bumper from the Onewheel GT.

    Using your Torx plus bit (TP25), remove the 4 screws to the front bumper.
    Slide off by pulling forward by using the handle towards the front of the board (make sure screws are completely removed).
    GT bumper screws

  2. Trace an AirTag or Smart Tag on the bumper support structure.

    Place the AirTag or Smart Tag within the corner of the bumper. Using a razor blade, trace the outline of the tracker. We will be cutting this section out with a razer and pliers.
    airtag templating

  3. Remove the bumper supports within the outlined circle.

    Take your razor and cut out the waffle grid supports within the circle until they are almost essentially to the base. Using needle nose pliers can help remove portions at this stage.
    cutting out the bumper

  4. Use a Dremel for smoothing out the cuts.

    Using a sanding bit, smoothen out the rough edges. This is entirely optional as you can get pretty smooth by just cutting with a razor and using pliers. Dremel cutting the bumper

  5. Test fit the Airtag or Smart Tag.

    As you cut, you will want to keep placing the Airtag in the spot to see if its secure and able to slide back into the rails. We want the AirTag or Smart Tag to sit just a little below the supports. Continue to cut and test fit.air tag fitting within the bumper

  6. Add Tape to the underside and topside of the AirTag.

    Once the top of the AirTag is flush with the supports, place the duct tape on both sides of the Airtag to act as a pillow for the tracker.duct tape below the tracker

  7. Reattach the Onewheel GT Bumper.

    Slide the bumper back into place and screw down the 4 screws (hand tight with proper bit).

This hack places the tracker in a little hidden pillow within the Onewheel GT bumper. Its still super easy to get to for battery replacement, and its not overtly obvious there is a tracker on board. Its a great mod I do to all my Onewheels.

This hack will work for making a SmartTag holder instead of an Airtag holder. Unfortunately, I am committed in my life to the Apple eco-system so I went with making an Airtag holder instead.

Take this mod and don’t stop with making an AirTag holder. You can also make a spare key holder or emergency cash holder. Either one, I think offers a great spot and can help you in a jam.

Why Airtag Your Onewheel GT or Pint

You likely spent a thousand or two dollars on your Onewheel. It is imperative you track your Onewheel. AirTags and Samsung Galaxy Smart tags are ideal ways to track the Onewheel GT and Pint. You can buy Airtag and Smart tag holders on Etsy however placing it within a bumper does the perfect trick.

In either scenario, you will need access to the tag (about once a year) to replace the CR2032 battery. Having it within the front bumper is easy access. AirTags work off the Apple network. There is no monthly subscription! Just tag it and forget it.

Using ultra wideband, both tags have a surprisingly extensive coverage by use of the near by devices.
Yes, the AirTag has an anti-stalking feature which will alert someone of it if they ride the Onewheel for too long and have an Apple device but there’s guides on how to remove the speaker which can help.

Installing an Airtag Without Cutting the Bumper

airtag within controller area of a Onewheel

Within the Pint models and the GT, you can place the Airtag in the void where the fittings are however I would recommend adding duct tape and using a holder.

I personally prefer cutting out the front bumper as it will not stress out the connections. Bumpers are made to be wearable. It is totally fine to cut into the bumpers.

TheFloatlife sells a retention clip that is intended to keep the gt motor cable secured. This clip also doubles as a place to hide an Airtag as it has a spot specifically made for sneaking one within the rails. This is a great product for hiding a tracker. Yes its really intended for keeping the gt motor cable secured but the added benefit of hiding a tag on board is great.

airtag holder on motor clip

This product I actually recommend over the hack I suggest only because if you intend on modifying your rails. The ring around the motor cable is prone for breaking and having some clip to keep it in place is needed in my opinion. Having it also function as an airtag holder is bonus.

motor retention clip by the float life

The retention / airtag holder is a great fit. It doesnt however fit a Smarttag. Floatlife doesnt sell a Smarttag keeper for this product either so if you do track with Smarttags then modifying your bumper over this airtag holder would be best.

Thanking yourself for the Hard Work

We never anticipate losing our Onewheel. Getting it stolen can be the worst news for us riders. Take $30 and dedicate it to a tracker and making a little Airtag holder is good insurance. Take 30 minutes of your time to install one. You will truly thank yourself for the hard work and will always have easy access to finding your Onewheel.

This is a simple hack to do. Just make sure you cut more space than you think you need. You can always pad the space with duct tape which is a good cushion or tag. Electrical tape can work too. Remember, Bumpers are wearable so don’t get too touchy if you cut out a little too much. Track your ride so you can keep the float on!

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