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Whether you own a Onewheel and could not take it on your trip or you’re new to Onewheeling and want to give them a try, renting one is the way to go. Renting a Onewheel comes down to essentially two top websites that will have you covered no matter where you are located within the USA.

Currently the best places to rent a Onewheel in your area would be with or Both companies offer rental insurance and discounts for multiple day rentals however each company has a different approach to rentals.

SUPrents vs Friendwitha Onewheel Rental Process doesn’t just rent Onewheels. Along with renting EUC’s, eFoils and Paddleboards, SUPrents lets you demo a product giving you the ability to buy after your demo period. You do not necessarily need to demo their products to get a rental however they provide this option on their website.

Similarly, has one wheel rentals but they also rent far more items. From camera and music equipment, electronic and sporting goods, they have a vast selection. The main difference here is their model is similar to in which they provide listings for other people’s equipment for rent. You essentially are renting other people’s things. Focusing on Onewheels here is a side-by-side comparison:

Onewheel Pint Rental$29-$60/day*$30-$60/day*¹
Onewheel Pint X Rental $36-$67/day*$30-$65/day*¹
Onewheel GT Rental$38-$73/day*$33-$47/day*¹
Late Fee$49/day25% of daily rental cost/hour
Insurance Protection$50-$55²$8-$15³
Optional Helmet$15N/A
* Lower prices only available with extended rental durations (commonly 7 to 10 days).
ª Limited availability. User location dependent. / ² Cost dependent on model. ³Includes theft

Pros and Cons of SUPrents & Friendswitha



  • Comes with charger
  • Available everywhere
  • Always renting new
  • Option to add a fender
  • Option to add a helmet
  • More hassle-free rental process
  • Ships to you.


  • 3 day minimum rental.
  • Potentially more costly.



  • Comes with charger
  • Can be a better value opposed to SUPrents.
  • Supporting others within the community (loaners make money on the rental).
  • More variety of days to rent (not limited to 3-10 day windows). Can rent for 1 day.
  • More variety of boards (some loaners come with flight fins, float plates, B.A.N.G.S, fender, etc.


  • Have to drive and meet the loaner.
  • Can be limited availability in rural/suburban areas.
  • Some boards can be heavily used.
  • Some areas may not have the set up you want (fender or model Onewheel).
  • Late Fees can be very high if the Onewheel is late.

Onewheel Vacation Rental

If you are planning a vacation and cannot bring your Onewheel on an airplane due to the battery size, really the most efficient way to rent a Onewheel is to book the rental prior to arriving to your destination. Renting with SupRents and having the board ready day one of your vacation.

SupRents says it generally takes 1-5 days depending on where your rental is being shipped to and when you place your order. They recommend placing your order 7 or more days in advance. Shipping is free and a small perk is that if your rental ends on a Sunday, they offer a grace day for shipping (extra rental day for free).


If a custom board is available in your area and you don’t mind meeting up with a loaner, can be a cheaper route and you help others make some money in the Onewheel Community. You may even be able to get a quick lesson from the loaner and make a friend out of it.

If you are looking for a more hassle-free rental process, you should probably rent from SUPrents. Their boards rent in new condition. They even have Pint X boards which are about double the range of a standard Pint. You have the ability to pay for a complete board in advance by sending them a deposit. If you enjoy the board and want to keep it, you have a new Onewheel on a ‘try before you buy’ basis!

Both offer insurance for damage protection. This I do recommend especially on ‘Friendswitha’ as their boards are used. Accidental damage or prior damage? don’t take the risk on it and opt for the damage protection insurance.

Personally, I have purchased a used Onewheel from SUPRents. These are Onewheel rentals they sell afterwards. Their secondhand rented boards are a good way to get a deal on a lightly used Onewheel. Because they sell secondhand Onewheels, I don’t think demoing a board is necessary. You can always buy one later. They also have optional gear to rent so there’s no excuse not to wear protective equipment. Wear the gear especially if you are a new rider. Its a simple way to avoid serious injury.


Can you demo a Onewheel?

Some shops and Onewheel community events have board demos however demoing a Onewheel would entail renting one or borrowing one from a friend.

Is the Pint, XR or GT a better board to rent and try?

Pint and Pint X are compact and able to be stowed anywhere however if you’re looking to get some good trail range out of the board, rent a Pint X or GT. Discontinued XR’s are ideal however they are really only available for rent on

Can I learn to ride a Onewheel within a day?

Onewheel riding is realtively easy. The Onewheel is self-balancing and appears more difficult to ride than it actually is. Most riders can learn to ride with basic operations within an hour or riding.

Is there a weight limit to Onewheels

Pint and Pint X weight recommended weight limits are 250lbs (113 kg). XR and GT Onewheels have a 275lb (125kg) limit.

Can I ride a rented board anywhere?

You should operate the board under normal riding conditions. Avoid getting the board wet. If you spring for the insurance, you’ll likely be safe when riding along a beach coastline.

David Bank

David Bank - Onewheel Enthusiast and has been an avid Onewheel rider since 2020. With thousands of miles logged on various Onewheel models and builds, David has a deep understanding of the mechanics, safety protocols, and the joy of Onewheel riding. He has been featured in Onewheel community events and has contributed articles to leading Onewheel forums and PEV communities. David also runs a YouTube channel where he shares tips, reviews, and tutorials related to Onewheel.

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